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San Jose State University

Sp DSDG 083 Sec 01 M,W 8am

Sp DSDG 083 Sec 02 M,W 12pm

Sp DSDG 083 Sec 03 Fri 8am

Assignments for 083 Explained



The Color Wheel

Repair Images Download (.zip)

Indesign and Quarkx Masterpages

Anmation Curves

Handouts for all Schools



Figure Ground Demo

Ext and Codecs.pdf


Storyboard 4 by 3

StoryBoard Widescreen

Pagecraft handout


Lighting is Everything


Resolution Demo

Optimizing Bitmaps for Different Media

Type and Letters

Websites that Help

Dealing with Clients or Listen

Lens Dov and Fov

Digital Dictionary

Color Temperatures of Light

Elements of Publication Design

Lighting Glossary

Vector Vs Bitmap

XY Axis in Space

Impsition and Binding

Lines (from Design Principles)

Alvin Thompson's One Page Resume.pdf
Alvin Thompson's Big Resume.pdf


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